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Some of our dishes

Greek cuisine has a very old tradition and is a typical Mediterranean cuisine: grains, legumes, olive oil, lamb, fish, vegetables and fruits.
It is a simple cuisine, and has a very long tradition.

Vecchia città

ΟΡΕΚΤΙΚΑ - Appetizers

Μεζέδες -  Snacks  (for 4 people)

Mixed appetizers with tzatziki, fava, tyrosalata, kokinojulosalata, rice dolmadakia, jijantes, loukaniko, olives and feta.

Ποικιλία  -  Pikilìa (for 2 people)

Mix of four sauces: fava,tzatziki, tyrosalata, taramosalata.

Χαλούμι στη σχάρα - Halùmi sti shàra

Cypriot grilled cheese.

Εφτάδα -  Eftàda (for 4 people)

Mix of seven sauces: fava, tzatziki, tyrosalata, taramosalata, melitzanosalata, skordalia.

Μπουγιουρντί -  Fèta psitì Boujoyrdì

Feta cheese in terracotta, with tomato and bell bell pepper.

Πιπεριές Καυτερές -  Piperiès kafterès

Green peppers stuffed with spicy feta cheese, tomatoes, salad and olives.

   ΚΥΡΙΩΣ ΠΙΑΤΑ - Dishes

Ντολμαδάκια  -  Ndolmàdàkia

Vine leaf rolls, with beef and rice.

Ιμάμ Μπαιλντί - Imam Baildi

Eggplant stuffed with vegetables, with feta.

Κρεατòπιτα - Kreatòpita

filo pastry sheet filled with beef stew served with yogurt.

Htapòdi krasàto - Χταπόδι Κρασάτο 

Octopus blended in wine, gravy in cherry tomato sauce, served with herbs and fava or skordalià.

Μουσακάς  -  Mussakàs

Baked eggplant, potato, meat sauce and bechamel sauce.

Σπανακόπιττα  -  Spanakòpita

Greek puff pastry with spinach, feta and cottage cheese.

Κολοκυθοκεφτέδες - Kolokythokeftèdes

Zucchini meatballs, served with yogurt.

   ΚΡΕΑΤΙΚΑ ΣΤΗ ΣΧΑΡΑ - Grilled meat

Μύκονος - Mykonos 

Mixed meat with skewers of organically raised chicken and pork, lamb chops, country sausage, pork gyros served with tomato and onion, crumbled feta, tzatziki or yogurt and potatoes*

Παιδάκια αρνίσια - Paidàkia arnissia

Lamb chops served with cherry tomatoes and crumbled feta, tzatziki or yogur and potatoes*

Xοιρινό Σουβλάκι BIO  -  Suvlàki BIO

Skewers of organically raised pork loin served with cherry tomatoes and crumbled feta, tzatziki or yogurt and potatoes*


Gyros of organically raised chicken meat, green salad, cherry tomatoes, onion and crumbled feta. Tzatziki or yogurt dressing.

ΓΛΥΚΑ - Sweets

Ποικιλία τριιών γιαουρτιών -  Pikilia triòn jaurtiòn

Yogurt trio (honey walnuts, quince, sour cherries)

Ρυζόγαλο  -  Risòjalo

Rice and milk pudding with cinnamon.

Kανταίφι Εκμεκ - Kadaìfi ekmèk

filo pastry sweets* with walnuts, almonds and ice cream.

Μελομακάρονα*  -  Μelomakàrona*

Cookies with canella, walnuts, almonds, honey and spices.

ΚΡΑΣΙΑ - Wines

Nemèa Dry Red Wine - Νεμέα  

Aging in oak barrels for at least one year enhances its character. This wine from the Agioritiko grape varieties, is a perfect companion for grilled lamb or red sauce and fatty cheeses.

Ρετσίνα BIO Τετραμύθος - Retsìna BIO Tetramythos  0.75 lt 

Long fermentation with natural yeasts with no sulfur added. 45% of the wine ferments in wax-mica amphorae. Due to the low amount of SO2, this wine belongs to natural wines. Rich mouthfeel with pleasant acidity.

Ρετσίνα ρητινίτης Γαια- Retsìna ritinitis nobilis gaia  0.75 lt 

Made from selected grapes of Roditis grape varieties,. It is a clear wine with nuances between yellow and green.Aroma balanced between pine and grape. A faint reminder of the scent of retsina aged in barrels.

Roditis BIO Organic Dry White Wine - Ροδίτης

Βeach dry, strong aroma to augrumi, from the area between Corinth and Kalavrita in the Peloponnese, recommended with vegetable-stuffed pies and all preparations in which feta or cheeses appear.

Rapsàni Dry Red Wine - Ραψάνη 

A delicious wine, dark purple and black raisin flavor and nuance of fortified richness, velvety, flattering, long and pleasant stay of flavor. Aged for at least 12 months in barrels and as many in bottles.

Ρετσίνα Κεχριμπάρι - Retsìna Kechribari  0.5 lt

Retsina from kechris winery, a traditional product with a slight resinous aroma.

Μοσχοφίλερο - Moshofìlero    Vino bianco secco  0.75 lt

A native of Pelopponeso, from Mantineia where vines grow at an elevation of 650 m. Full aroma of fruits and flowers, delicious taste with citrus flavor. Although excellent solo, it becomes a perfect companion for white meats, fish, appetizers.

Κρητικός  - Kritikòs Dry white wine 0.75lt

It has within it the freshness of the island where the quality of the Vilana vineyard was born. Bright, whitish color and strong aroma of flowers and fruits. Excellent balance, pleasant acidity, long lasting flavor. Excellent with fish or poultry in white sauces.

ΑΝΑΨΥΚΤΙΚΑ & ΛΙΚΕΡ- Beverages and liquors

Μπύρα - Beer (33cl)

(Mythos; Alfa; Fix) 

Μπύρα - Red craft beer ODYSSEY (33cl)

Red craft beer ODISSEY

Τσίπουρο  -  Tsìpuro

Distilled from Macedonia grapes and grape stalks, with an aniseed aroma, comparable to schnapps. Throughout Greece it is called Tsipuro, except in Crete, which calls it Tsikoudià or Rakì.

Περγαμόντο - Bergamot

Obtained in the traditional way by natural alcoholic extraction of bergamot peel.

Μπύρα - Beer Monday 

Pale Ale - IPA

Καφές ελληνικός  

Greek coffee

Ούζο  -  Uso

Liqueur made by multiple distillation of grapes with aniseed and herbs. It can be served neat or on the rocks.

Μαστίχα  - Mastìha

Liquor flavored with mastic, resin from the mastic tree, a tree that grows only on the island of Chios; distilled and filtered through the roots of the plant.

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